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Porcelain & Velvet 11/11

Author: Odd
Title: Porcelain & Velvet 11/11
Rating: NC-17 (series overall)
Word Count: 8,900
Warnings: Car crash (first part only), suicide and talk thereof, off-screen character death, prostitution
Summary: For this prompt on the kink meme. "Kurt loses his dad in High School & cannot pay for college. He meets someone who tells him about a high class brothel where he can sell his virginity & earn enough money for college over a short time…Blaine is Kurt's age, very well off…He buys Kurt's virginity." (Snipped a bit to omit potential spoilers and details that have been changed.)
Notes: Big thanks to wanderer_chan and fabrisse for helping me whip this into shape, as well as everyone who’s put up with my whining over it. ;>

Kurt felt a chill run through him as he heard the sounds of the door's lock behind him. He spun around in a panic, suddenly aware of just how unprepared for this moment he really was. The knob turned and the door began to open and Kurt forced himself to muster every bit of calm he could pull together before the moment of truth arrived.

He clasped his already damp hands behind his back and lowered his head to stare at the floor. He shut his eyes a fraction of a second later, squeezing them tightly as he fought to find the courage he needed.

"Wow," he heard Velvet say quietly after the door clicked shut and he heard the shift of the lock. "You look incredible."

Kurt's head shot up before he could prepare himself, and he felt his eyes widen as he took in the sight before him. His rational mind tried to tell him that this was the first time he'd seen Velvet's face. That if it seemed familiar, it was only because he'd touched and kissed it so many times that he must have somehow fit the lines into place. No matter how hard he tried to convince himself, he knew that facts and reality had little to do with it and everything to do with what Rachel had told him.

"When you love someone, you paint a picture of them in your heart."

He felt unbearably clumsy as his legs carried him across the room to the boy whose face he knew he'd know anywhere. "There you are," he breathed, cupping Velvet's face in his hands and gazing into his warm, honey eyes even as his own filled with tears. "I've been dreaming of you forever."


Blaine's heart was pounding in his chest as he felt Porcelain's lips press against his own. The lace of his cuffs tickled as it fell against Blaine's throat, and he gave a soft laugh that was half reflex, half unadulterated joy. "Hi," he whispered with a shy smile when they broke apart.

"Hi," Porcelain whispered back, forehead tilted down against Blaine as he slid his arms to drape over Blaine's shoulders. His face was split into the most genuine smile Blaine thought he had ever seen, and the way his teeth (so tiny and cute) barely poked from behind his wide lips was so damn adorable, Blaine thought he might melt into the carpet right then and there.

"You're here," Porcelain breathed a moment later, curling his arms tightly around Blaine's neck and holding him close. "You're really here, and you're just like I thought you'd be and I-" he broke off, worrying his lip for a moment before he continued. "I'm really glad you're here."

"I'm glad to be here," Blaine said, looking up into Porcelain's eyes with a sense of awed happiness. "I thought they retouched them," he said, lifting a finger to brush gently against the corner of one pale blue eye. "I didn't think anyone could really have eyes so…" he trailed off, trying to find the right words as Porcelain cocked his head in anticipation. "I don't know how to say it," he said weakly. "They're not like anything I've ever seen before." He reached up and gently urged Porcelain's arms down, lacing their fingers together before bringing one hand up to brush a kiss against pale knuckles. "You're not like anything I've ever seen before."

"Lucky me," Porcelain quipped. "If I was, we might not be here right now."

"Lucky," Blaine breathed, laughing softly at how strange, yet appropriate the choice of words was. "That's us. Luckiest guys in the world."

"I really think we might be," Porcelain said quietly. "Right now, at least." He tilted his head and brought their lips together, kissing Blaine with a kind of gentle sweetness that he was fairly sure the building rarely saw. "Can I make a request?" he asked when he pulled away.

Blaine was so content and at peace, he probably would have signed over everything he owned if Porcelain asked. "Anything."

"Sing for me?" Porcelain asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

Blaine nodded, eyes still locked on Porcelain's. He ran through a few possibilities, humming to himself before he decided on one that he thought felt the most right. He sang softly, doing his best to commit every detail to memory. The solidness of his body in Blaine's arms. The scent of his skin. The way one corner of his mouth curved upward in a smile that made clear he was enjoying some sort of private joke. The feel of damp velvet beneath Blaine's palms as their nervous sweat rubbed off on it. The way one stubborn piece of Porcelain's hair refused to remain in place as they swayed slowly back and forth. Blaine was so absorbed in noticing these things that it took a moment for him to register the harsh words being spoken.

"This is almost exactly like I dreamed this would be," Porcelain said, his voice just above a whisper. "But I feel like I'm too angry to enjoy it."

Blaine pulled away and looked up into his eyes. "Because of the bugs?" he mouthed silently.

"We don't have to worry about those," Porcelain said as he pulled away. "That's been taken care of. What hasn't is that I spent my entire life feeling like there was something wrong with me," he said, walking over to the bed and taking a seat at the edge. "Like there was some kind of sign hanging over my head telling everyone to stay away unless they were coming close to hurt."

He looked up at Blaine with obvious pain in his eyes, and Blaine wasted no time in taking a seat beside him. "I don't want to hurt you," he said quietly, looking down at their hands and lacing their fingers together. "That's the last thing I would ever want to do to you."

"But don't you see?" Porcelain said, practically spitting the words out. "You already have. If you'd been some kind of monster, maybe I could have forced myself to forget you. Buried it in my subconscious or something like the kind of trauma other people could understand." He took a deep breath and fought to remain calm. "My mother dying, people could understand. Getting thrown down the stairs by that Neanderthal and breaking my arm, people could understand. Losing my family, people could understand." He looked up at Blaine and sniffed as he shook his head. "How could anyone else understand how much it hurts to find you, knowing I'll never really have you?"

Blaine bit his lip and thought frantically for some solution to their predicament. Porcelain was right, and Blaine knew that. They had tonight, and that was all there was or ever could be. He gripped tight to Porcelain's hand and leaned in so close that he could practically taste the lingering fumes from his hairspray.

"I'll come back for you," he whispered. "I'll talk to your boss. I'll pay whatever she asks to be your only client. I'll come every weekend, and we can spend them together as long as it takes to get you out of here." He swallowed. "I'll take you with me."


Kurt shook his head and fought to keep his tears inside as Velvet's declarations grew more and more pleading. "We can't," he said, voice breaking on the last word. "I-" his breath caught and he shook his head as he continued. "I was never supposed to have more than one. That's why they auctioned me – so I could get the money I needed as quickly as possible." He looked down at their interlaced fingers and laid his other hand on top of them. "You are the dream I never thought I was allowed to have, but as much as I wish I could have you after tomorrow, there's something I've wanted a lot longer. I came here to make that happen. I can't give up on it now." He patted their hands, as much for his own reassurance as any other reason. "If you come back next weekend, I won't be here waiting for you." Even as he spoke the words, he felt his heart being ripped in half. Felt the urge to give in and agree and forget everything he'd worked for so he could stay here in the strange place where he'd found a new kind of family, looking forward to weekends wrapped in his lover's arms.

The fact that it was already so easy to think of Velvet as his lover only made it both harder and more important for him to shake his head and stand his ground.

"I'm sorry," he said again. "But I can't."

Velvet was silent as he looked away and nodded. The air felt suddenly thick and heavy with finality, and Kurt found himself all too aware of how much of it surrounded them.

"Then what can we do?" Velvet finally asked, eyes locked on the ground as the toe of one shoe traced the same circle for what had to be at least the twentieth time.

Kurt took a deep breath and rose from the bed to stand just arm's length in front of Velvet, then reached up to tug at his cravat. "We can have tonight," he said quietly. "Just like it was always planned."

"But what if it isn't enough?"

"It has to be," he said, draping the taking Velvet's chin in hand and guiding their lips together for the briefest of moments. "It's more than I ever thought I'd get."


Blaine's heart sank as Porcelain spoke. Even though he'd known how crazy his offers had been when he made them, part of him still held hope that it could work. That this wouldn't be the end. That somehow, one way or another, they could find a way.

"Then we should make the most of it," he said quietly, not trusting himself to hold his voice steady at normal volume.

"It's a good thing we're both young," Porcelain said, a tinge of forced humor in his voice. "We should be able to make more than most."

"Right," Blaine said, a rueful laugh of his own following after. He laced their fingers together once more and brought them to his lips for a brief kiss. "How do you want to start?"

"I don't know," Porcelain answered. "However it would start if we were like everyone else."

Blaine looked into his eyes and shook his head. "We’re not like everyone else," he told him. "If we were, tonight wouldn't mean as much as it will." He paused. "It means a lot to me."

Porcelain's thumb stretched to sweep across Blaine's mouth, and he was quick to twist his head and capture it between his lips. He sucked away at it, gently at first, then increasingly more urgent as the seconds passed. He closed his eyes and tried not to think about what would happen the next day, focusing instead on the sounds Porcelain was making. The breathy moans and sharp gasps that followed Blaine's every move, letting him know which movements were best repeated.

Blaine opened his eyes to meet Porcelain's and sucked harder, dragging the flat of his tongue down the side of Porcelain's thumb as slowly as he could manage. Porcelain's eyes closed and his mouth fell open and his shoulders slumped as his entire body seemed to give way to the sensations. Blaine could feel the muscles of Porcelain's hand working as the other fingers stretched and clenched against his jaw, almost as if they were trying to provide some form of release for the tension building in his thumb.


"Touch me," Kurt rasped, falling against Velvet's side and fighting the urge to mouth greedily at the warm skin of his neck. "Or say I can touch you. If tonight is all we have, I want it to count. I don't want to look back on tonight and wish we'd done anything differently."

"What do you want?" Velvet asked, pulling away from Kurt's thumb and leaving a trail of saliva in his wake. He reached up to cradle the back of Kurt's neck with one hand, thumb brushing against the hard bulge of his Adam's apple.

"This," Kurt said, launching himself at Velvet and pinning him to the bed. He kissed him greedily, all tongue and teeth as they began to roll around in a fit of frenzied teenage hormones. Kurt couldn't decide what he liked better, feeling the warmth of someone else beneath him, or the solidness of having someone above him. Above him seemed to win by a hair, and he dug his hands in tight to the back of Velvet's sweater vest, clutching so tightly his fingers began to ache. "You feel so good," Kurt gasped as Velvet's cock ground against his hip. "I knew you would."

"So do you," Velvet said, looking down at him with undisguised want. Kurt thought for a moment about the possibility that Velvet had looked at him like that before, maybe even often, and it only made the desire for more even stronger.

"Did you think about it?" he asked, forcing himself to get out from beneath Velvet's body and stand to his feet. "Did you think about me?"

"So many times," Velvet answered, looking up from the bed as Kurt slid the untied cravat from his neck and threw it to the side.

"Did you touch yourself?" Kurt asked, feeling his cheeks pink before the question was even complete. "I did," he continued. "Almost every night since the first time you were here." Velvet's Adam's apple bobbed as he gave a hard swallow, eyes wide as they stared up at him. His eyes were dark, his chest was rising and falling in a slow and deliberate rhythm, and his cock was obviously hard in his pants as Kurt spoke. 'I did that,' Kurt thought to himself with pleasure.

Kurt lifted one boot-clad foot and rested it on the bed, toe inches from where Velvet lay. "At night, I took off all of my clothes, climbed into this bed, and I pretended my hands were yours." He reached down and began to untie the boot, pleased when Velvet scrambled to take over and unlace it for him. "Sometimes," Kurt said dreamily as he slipped his frock coat from his shoulders and let it fall to the floor, "I started pretending before they were off. I'd take my time, button by button, imagining your look as you unwrapped me. How much you wanted to see the rest of me." Velvet finished unlacing the boot and yanked it off, causing Kurt to wobble for a moment before regaining balance and resting the foot back on the floor so he could offer the other. "Do you want to see the rest of me?"

"God, yes," Velvet said, surging close as Kurt's boot still remained half-laced. He wrapped his arms around Kurt's waist and dug his fingers into the flesh above his hips. "See it, touch it, taste it," he looked up at Kurt. "I want to do everything with you."

"Then let's get started," Kurt said, undoing the top two buttons of his shirt and spreading it open to expose the lightly freckled skin inside. In most of his fantasies, it had been Velvet who'd undressed him, peeling back his layers and opening him like a present. His fantasies had lacked something, though, and that something was the way Velvet's eyes drank him in. It occurred to Kurt that he shouldn't be too surprised by how much he enjoyed putting on this little show. He was going to be an actor, after all; performing was what he did best.

He worked the rest of the buttons as slowly as he could make himself, finally allowing the shirt to fall open and reveal the black undershirt beneath. Velvet finished unlacing his remaining boot and pulled it off, tossing it behind him without looking as Kurt climbed onto the bed on his knees. Kurt crawled back to Velvet, then stopped when they were close enough to touch. "Do you want to help with something else?" he asked, trying to sound braver than he felt, knowing how hard he was straining against the tight, black velvet of his pants just inches from Velvet's face. "Go ahead," he said, taking one of Velvet's hands and placing it atop his belt buckle. "I want you to."


Blaine's fingers trembled as they fumbled their way through undoing Porcelain's belt, then curled at the hem of his pants. The button resting at the top was smooth and shiny, feeling cool and hard beneath his thumb as he rubbed at it in anticipation. Porcelain's pants were so tight; the long, hard bulge obvious as it strained against them. Blaine held his breath and lightly stroked it through the fabric, his own cock aching for attention as he did so.

Unable to resist temptation when offered so plainly, Blaine rushed to pop open the button and pull down the zipper, groaning as he saw the tight, black trunks that lay beneath them. He urged the pants down to Porcelain's knees, leaving them to pool against the mattress as he came closer and allowed himself a moment to breathe.

"What do you want to do?" Porcelain asked him, one hand caressing Blaine's shoulder. "Right this moment, what do you want the most?"

"I want to suck your cock," Blaine said without thinking, his eyes focused on Porcelain's trunks even as the hand was lifted and joined the other to roll them over the hips they'd been covering.

"Then you should do that," Porcelain said, stopping just low enough to reveal coarse, brown curls and smooth, pale hipbones. "If that's what you really want."

Blaine buried his face in the crease of Porcelain's thigh as it met his groin, breathing deeply of the sweet, slightly musky scent between his legs. He could feel the weight of Porcelain's cock against his cheek, and once again his fingers trembled as they curled around the waistband and pulled the trunks lower to reveal what was inside. Like the rest of Porcelain, it was long and pale, with a smooth pink head already messy with pre-come. "I want," Blaine breathed before sinking his mouth over it, trying to take as much of it as he could. He did his best to remember what movements Porcelain had best responded to when Blaine had worked on his thumb, then replicated them with his cock.

He lavished attention on it; licking, sucking, touching, teasing, doing everything he could possibly imagine to make Porcelain feel as good as he did. Blaine hadn't given head very often, but it hadn't taken long for him to decide it might be one of his favorite things ever. The taste and heft of a cock against his tongue; the feel of it hitting the roof of his mouth before reaching the back of his throat; the salty taste of pre-come preparing him for the stronger taste of real come that would fill his mouth once he'd made his partner come undone; there was nothing about it that Blaine didn't love, but it was that last one that was his favorite.


Kurt gripped Velvet's shoulders for balance as he felt his entire body turn to jelly. He'd expected getting his dick sucked to feel good, but he hadn't realized it would feel like the best thing ever in the universe. The unbelievable blend of pressure, warmth, wetness, and want was so much more than he'd imagined it would be. Nothing had prepared him for this, not even the way Velvet had treated his thumb.

He tightened his grip as he came, keening sharply under his breath as he felt Velvet's tongue sweep over his cock to make sure not a drop went to waste. "I'm sorry I came so fa-"

He wasn't able to finish before Velvet yanked him down and kissed him, a strange and sharp taste filling Kurt's mouth as his eyes widened with realization that Velvet had just fed him his own come. Kurt groaned against Velvet's lips and slid their tongues together, the thick fluid mixing with their saliva as it passed back and forth.

"Don't apologize," Velvet said, pulling away with a damp spot still at the corner of his lip. "It just means we won't have to wait as long for you to come again."

"I like the way you think," Kurt said, falling back against the headboard with a grin. He looked down at himself and gave a small laugh as he took in the sight of his pants around his knees and undershirt rucked up against his stomach. He looked into Velvet's eyes as long as he could while he lifted the shirt over his head, then tugged the pants over his calves and threw them aside. "Do you still think I'm stunning?" he asked quietly.

"More than ever," Velvet answered, coming close and wrapping his arms around Kurt's waist.

Kurt smiled, trying to figure out the word for how he was feeling. Velvet may have been fully clothed, but Kurt was nude in front of another person for the first time in his life. It was surprising how comfortable he felt with it. How bold. Something about Velvet made it okay to feel that way. Made it okay to feel sexy and seductive. Kurt liked it. He liked it a lot.

"Sit up," he told Velvet. "Against the headboard. Please?"

Velvet looked at him and grinned. "I think I like it when you want me to do things," he said, scooting into place as Kurt had suggested.

"Good," Kurt said, straddling him. "I hope you like this."

Kurt leaned down and kissed Velvet deeply, calves clamped tightly around Blaine's thighs as he reached down and slipped open the few buttons at the top of his polo shirt. Kurt slid a hand inside and stroked gently at the warm skin, teasing for just a moment before lowering his hands to tug the shirt from Velvet's pants and pull it slowly over his head, only breaking the kiss at the last possible second. "I love your skin," he said, running his hands slowly over Velvet's chest. "I want to love you, and I'm going to let myself."

"But only for tonight," Velvet said, and Kurt shook his head.

"I'm going to love you after this; I just won't get to tell you again. So remember this," he told him, pressing a soft kiss to Velvet's earlobe. "Remember that I love you and that everything we did tonight was real."

"Same," Velvet said, lacing their fingers together and bringing them to rest between their chests as he pulled Kurt in close.

"Good," Kurt said, reaching down to cup Velvet's erection through his pants. "Now help me get these off so we can make things even more real."


Blaine lifted his hips as Porcelain undid his zipper, groaning as he felt the strong fingers drag against his cock through his pants.

"There's a lacquer box on the nightstand," Porcelain whispered into his ear. "Can you reach it?"

Blaine looked to the side and spied the box, just within arm's reach. He took it in hand and brought it between them, blushing a little as he opened it and saw what was inside - condoms, lubricant, vanilla massage oil, and a travel-sized packet of baby wipes.

"I'll take that," Porcelain said, reaching for the lube and pouring some into his hand as Blaine's eyes widened. "Is it okay - can I-" Porcelain asked, then pointed downward.

Blaine's eyes followed, and he swallowed hard when he realized what Porcelain was offering. "Please," he sighed, throwing his head back as he felt a firm hand wrap around him. Porcelain stroked his cock gently, his thumb teasing the head and spreading the pre-come around it. Occasionally, he paused just long enough to glide his slick fingers against Blaine's thighs or stomach, but Blaine couldn't bring himself to mind. The longer it took for him to come, the longer he got to enjoy the attention being paid to him.

Porcelain's hand suddenly vanished, and Blaine 's forehead creased as he opened his eyes to see Porcelain turning around and settling back into Blaine's lap. He cast Blaine a teasing look, then rolled his hips until the crack of his ass aligned perfectly with Blaine's cock. He lifted an eyebrow, and Blaine instantly understood Porcelain's intentions. Blaine took hold of Porcelain's hips with both hands and pulled him closer until he felt his cock nestle more snugly between the two halves of Porcelain's ass. He nodded, and Porcelain began to rock his hips, the lube on Blaine's cock making it slide deliciously against him.

"I wanted to feel you there before I felt you…there," Porcelain said, and Blaine groaned at the thought. "Do you want that?" Porcelain asked, leaning back and resting his head against Blaine's as he began to rock harder. "Do you want to be inside of me? To fill me up and make me burn and never want to let you go?" Blaine didn't trust himself to speak, so he just nodded with wide eyes and reached forward to tease Porcelain's cock and balls. "Good," Porcelain whispered, grinding harder as his cock began to once again grow hard beneath Blaine's touch; "because I've been dreaming about you fucking me for weeks."

The friction and the words and the feel of Porcelain getting hard again and so soon was too much, and Blaine bit down hard into a pale shoulder to stifle his cries. He started to come mid-thrust, leaving a slippery mess that would have been incredible, had he not been too sensitive to appreciate it at the moment. He released his bite on Porcelain's shoulder and felt surprisingly pleased as he watched him fall forward and onto his hands. Porcelain's ass was a map of red and pink that showed just where they'd ground the hardest, white islands of Blaine's come dotting the shiny, lube-wet skin.

"Does it hurt?" he asked, reaching out to run a finger lightly over one area that shone redder than the stripes on his old school tie.

"A little," Porcelain admitted, "but in a good way."

Blaine urged him forward and took hold of his hips once more. "I'm afraid that might be a theme tonight," he said, moving to his knees behind him. "The least I can do is kiss and make it better."


Kurt's head shot up at Velvet's words, and he blinked with surprise at the feel of Velvet's tongue sweeping across the right cheek of his ass. It stung a little where he was especially raw, but like he'd said before – in a good way. He relaxed into Velvet's care as the initial shock faded, but felt himself tense all over when Velvet's hands slid lower and spread him open. He'd known this would happen at some point, and he really was okay with it – wanted it, even – but it still felt somewhat jarring to suddenly be so exposed.

“May I?" Velvet whispered, and when Kurt swallowed and nodded his head, he dove in and brushed a kiss against the pucker of Kurt's ass. Kurt shivered at the touch, how delicate and soft it felt against the sensitive skin that he'd only ever fumbled with in clumsy moments of curiosity. Velvet lapped at it carefully, questioningly, and Kurt found himself wondering if this perhaps, might be something that was new to both of them. He became more convinced of this as Velvet became more eager, kissing and sucking and licking at Kurt's asshole with a fervor that was more excited than practiced. Not that Kurt was going to complain, even if he thought himself capable of formulating words.

"There are a lot of things I want to do with you," Velvet said when he finally came up for air, leaving Kurt limp and boneless against the bed. "But right now," he said, pressing the tip of one finger to the wet and shiny pucker of Kurt's asshole; "I really want to fuck you." Kurt gave a wordless cry of consent, writhing his ass in anticipation as Velvet took the lube and got his fingers nice and slick. He worked Kurt open hurriedly, but with care, and Kurt found himself transfixed when he turned around to see Velvet rolling one of the condoms over his length.

The first thrust hurt more than Kurt had expected, but Velvet seemed to understand, and he moved slowly while Kurt became acclimated to the sensation. It took less time than he thought it might, and before long they were moving together at a rapid pace as Velvet reared back and took Kurt with him. Sitting in Velvet's lap with his cock buried deep in his ass, Kurt wondered if he'd ever felt so good or so free before. How many years had he spent not even wanting people to look at him, much less touch him? How many times had he told himself he wasn't allowed to feel for someone else, or want them to feel for him? The number was too many to count, but it was okay; right now, everything was okay, because even if tomorrow would come and take it all away, noting could take Kurt's awareness that this was okay.

It was okay to want love, and it was more than okay to give it.


Blaine thrust upward as hard as he could into the sweet heat of Porcelain's ass, doing his best to commit to memory every gasp and moan the other boy made. Their skin was slick with sweat and the bedclothes were wrinkled and messy beneath them, but Blaine didn't care. They could be on a dirty and bare mattress in some flophouse, for all he cared. All that mattered was the moment they were sharing, and the other moments they'd share before the morning came.

'This won't be it,' he promised himself at the moment he felt himself come undone. 'I will find him again. I can't find him, only to lose him so easily.'


Hours later, when they'd touched and tasted and licked and sucked every inch of each other's bodies at least three different ways, they lay in the darkness and stared into each others' eyes.

"I know we agreed on no identifying information," Velvet said, sliding an arm around Kurt's waist. "But there's something I really want to tell you."

Kurt tensed, not sure anything good could follow that sentiment.

Velvet sighed and looked away for a minute before rolling onto his back and staring at the ceiling. "I looked for this place for months before I found it. Found you. I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay," Kurt said, pressing a finger to Velvet's lips. "I know."

"Wait," Velvet said, propping himself up on his elbows and looking down at him. "How do you know?"

"Sam," Kurt said quietly. "He was part of it, at least. I don't know all the details of how the information passed, but I know about what happened." He paused. "I'm sorry."

"For what?" Velvet asked him.

"Not being what you were looking for," Kurt said, and Velvet was quick to take him in his arms.

"Don't say that," he told him. "Just because you're not what I was looking for, it doesn't mean you aren't what I needed. Finding you…" he trailed, "it's not just the one good thing that came from this mess; it's one of the best things that ever happened to me. Even if we never see each other again, knowing I was able to find you once is enough to make me believe I can find you again."

"You're so optimistic," Kurt said. "I wish I could be more like you."

"That's okay," Velvet said, leaning in and pressing a tender kiss to his lips. "I'll hope enough for both of us."


They woke within minutes of each other, only having had a few hours sleep. "Good morning," Porcelain said, eyes bright and shining as they looked into Blaine's.

"Best morning," Blaine said, giving him a kiss and making a face when he realized that both of them had terrible morning breath.

Porcelain covered his mouth and giggled. "Sorry," he said. "I should go and-"

"No," Blaine said, kissing him again. "It's okay. Makes this feel more real. Less like a dream."

They kissed with a comfort and ease that neither could know was almost never found. Tender kisses and gentle touches, they wiled away at least an hour before their bodies got the best of them and they moved on to more urgent activities.

"I can't believe this is going to be our last time," Porcelain said, looking up at Blaine as he once again moved into position.

"That's because it isn't," Blaine told him just before sliding into him. "I know you don’t believe me, but I really don’t think that it is." He twisted his head to glide the underside of his lower lip along Porcelain's calf, then began to slowly thrust in and out. "I'd bet everything I have on it."

"If what you paid for me is any clue," Porcelain gasped as Blaine's body came flush to his own, "that's a very large bet."

"You have no idea," Blaine smiled, thrusting harder. "Lucky for me, I only bet on sure things."

Porcelain bit his lip and let out a low moan as he began to rock in time with Blaine's thrusts. They moved together, stroking each other's faces and nibbling whatever bits of each others' bodies they could reach, whispering sweet words of affection until the need had built too high and their words gave way to cries and shouts, not caring who heard as they both came, one after the other, and fell into a sticky heap in the center of the bed.

"I hate to be the one to say this," Porcelain said a few minutes later, muttering against Blaine's skin as he nibbled lightly at his shoulder. "But we should probably get cleaned up soon. It's ten thirty, and I don't want to frighten you, but I overheard Puck talking about what he'd do if you weren't ready to leave on time, and-"

"Say no more," Blaine groaned, forcing himself to his feet. "I guess shower sex is out of the question, huh?" he joked, all too aware that his legs were too worn out to handle it even if Porcelain said yes.

"In another life," Porcelain said, giving him a sad smile. "We can still share, though, if you want. It'll probably take less time."

"Or more," Blaine said, "if either of us was capable of getting hard again." He thought about how many times each of them had come over the course of the last sixteen hours, then wondered if it were still possible for either of them to have any semen left.

"I don't think I'll be able to get hard for a week," Porcelain said. "But at least I'll have some pretty good material to work with once I can."

"I was just thinking the same thing," Blaine said, sliding an arm around Porcelain's waist as they made their way to the bathroom.

They showered more or less in silence, Blaine cringing at himself for not thinking to bring his own hair care products. 'At least it won't have time to dry before I go,' he thought to himself as he put his clothes from the day before back on. He fought the urge to ask if he could take a picture when he felt the hard lump of his cell phone in his front pocket, telling himself he at least had the picture that had come with his contract. Even if Porcelain was right, and they never saw each other again, Blaine would always have proof that he was real.


"I guess this is good-bye," Kurt said, his voice shaking as he held Velvet's hands in his own beside the bathroom door.

"For now," Velvet told him, eyes shining with what Kurt was pretty sure were unshed tears.

"For now," Kurt said, a pang in his chest at the thought. "I'm sorry about your mom," he said quietly after a moment's thought. "But I'm glad you found out the truth about your dad."

Velvet frowned. "The truth about my dad?" he asked. "What do you mean?"

Kurt felt all blood drain from his face. "That it wasn't true," he said. "That the girl was lying. That-

"I thought you knew!" Kurt wailed, suddenly horrified at the realization that for all the information that had been spread, one very important person had apparently been left out. "Coach threw her out before it happened. Your dad, he-" Kurt felt hot tears begin to spill from his eyes. "He didn't cheat on your mom."

Velvet slumped against the door and slid to the floor. "He…what?" His eyes lifted to meet Kurt's, and Kurt didn't think he'd ever seen anyone look so small.

"I'm sorry," he said, dropping to his knees and wrapping his arms around him. "I'm so sorry. I thought you knew, and-"

"Time's up," Puck said, throwing open the door and punching a fist against an angry palm. "I've been looking forward to-"

"Not now," Kurt shouted, shooting him a look of pure fire. "Lay one hand on him and I'll-"

"Whoah," Puck said, eyes widening as he took in the sight before him and stepped back. "What the-"

"Go away," Kurt insisted.

"Look," Puck sighed, looking over his shoulder. "I don't know what's going on here, but you gotta know Coach is in the warpath. Somethin' happened with the equipment, and if this guy isn't out of here pronto, she's gonna come up here herself. Trust me, you really don't want that to happen." He sighed. "I can buy you maybe five minutes. Try and make it quick."

Kurt watched as Puck stepped back into the hall and shut the door. "I'm sorry," he said again, turning back to Velvet. "When they told me, I assumed you knew. I thought you knew all about it. About her, and about my family, and-"

"What about your family?" Velvet said, frowning through his tears. "Are they why you're-"

Sue's voice rang through the hall, and Kurt cringed as he heard the loud crash of something breaking. "I'm sorry," he pleaded. "I wish we had more time, but I can't-" he broke off as he heard the slap of skin hitting skin outside the door. "You have to go," he said. "You need to go, and you need to talk to your dad, and talk to Sam-"

"Why?" Velvet asked, more confused than ever. "What does Sam have to-"

"There isn't time Kurt cried out, jolting as something hit the door with a loud thud that made him cold all over. "Talk to them. Please. Promise me this," he begged, throwing his arms around Velvet and giving him one last kiss. "Promise me."

"I promise," Velvet said, just as the door splintered and Sue appeared, a sledgehammer slung over one shoulder.

"You have five seconds to leave the premises," she sneered at Velvet. "I doubt anyone will miss you, if you don't."

From the corner of Kurt's eye, he could see Puck lying in a heap out in the hall, and he felt sick at the thought that he was responsible. "Run!" he screamed at Velvet before throwing himself at Sue. His shoulder made contact with Sue's midsection a second later, and the hammer fell against the wall as they were both thrown off-balance and to the floor. Kurt heard the thud of footsteps running down the hall, and he said a silent thanks that Velvet had listened. Maybe not soon enough, but listened, all the same.

"I hope you have a good explanation for this," Sue muttered a moment later.

"The best there is," Kurt answered, climbing off of her and retrieving his last two bags from the closet. "I'll let you know when I write you from New York," he said, hitting the alarm on his leather cuff to alert someone to Puck's state, then leaving without a second glance.


Blaine gripped tightly to his steering wheel, tears falling from his eyes as Porcelain's last words played over and over in his head. It was exactly what he'd wanted to believe, but hadn't been able to in the face of everything that had happened.

His dad hadn't done it.

His mom had died for nothing.

All of the pain and misery of the last six months of his life could have been avoided, if only he'd known. If only his mom had known.

Blaine squeezed his eyes tight and took a series of deep breaths. He was going to miss his flight. He knew that, now. There was no way he could leave now. Not like this. Not with so much unresolved.

With trembling fingers, he dug his phone from his pocket and keyed in the number he'd long since deleted, but would always know by heart. He sobbed loudly when it answered after the first ring.

"Dad?" he asked. "Can we talk?"


Kurt took his keys from the side pocket of his overnight bag and let himself into his car, pointedly staring at the ground until he was inside. The last thing he wanted was to get a glimpse of Velvet. Especially now. "What a mess," he sighed, checking his mirrors before starting the engine and pulling out of the lot. He drove a few blocks, then pulled over and took his phone from the same pocket of his bag.

"Hi," he said, once the call connected. "I was looking for Sam Evans. It's kind of important. Is there any chance you could have him give me a call?" He rattled off his phone number, then thanked them before hanging up and resting the phone on the passenger seat, feeling just a hint better about things as he did. Just because he shouldn't go after Velvet to make sure everything was okay, it didn't mean someone else couldn't.

He allowed himself a couple of minutes to center himself, then took out one of the bottles of water Boo Boo had packed for him and took a drink. He capped the bottle and set it into the console, then cranked up the volume on his stereo and drove toward what he hoped the future had to offer him, feeling more certain than ever he'd be ready to handle it.


Blaine sank back against his seat and wrapped his arms around his middle. Classes had only been underway for a week, and he was already wondering if college was really for him.

If he was being honest with himself, he'd have admitted that what he was really unsure of was whether or not it was for him now. After everything that had happened over the last six months, he was beginning to suspect the abrupt change was just too much for him to handle. For all his talk with Wes about finding new places to enjoy, he'd quickly fallen into a routine of cable TV, internet porn, and establishing relationships with every restaurant that included his apartment in their delivery range. He went to his classes and did his best to blend in; watching the clock tick away the minutes until it was time to leave for the next and do it all over again. He missed Wes. He missed his dad, now that they'd finally sat down and talked everything out. He missed…he missed a lot of things.

He wasn't even sure why he'd shown up for this one. It wasn't for credit, after all, and he'd only signed up for it on a whim because "it sounded fun."

Fun. That wasn't a word he was thinking about very much, these days.

Students filtered into the room as the time for class to begin approached, and when a middle-aged man with thick glasses and hair the color of straw entered exactly as the clock hit seven-thirty, Blaine did his best to straighten in his seat and look interested.

"Hello," the man said, clasping his hands in front of him as he leaned forward and scanned the room. "Welcome to The Basics of Singing. I'm your instructor, Doctor Bosendorfer; but you can call me Brad. It takes less time and sounds less pretentious, both of which are good to keep in mind. Now," he said, clapping his hands and stepping to the gleaming black piano in the corner; "I asked you all to prepare something to give us an idea of what you're working with." He sat at the bench and stared back out at them. "Who wants to go first?"

Blaine heard the rush of arms flying into the air, then sank further back into his seat and frowned.

"You," Brad said. "The surly one with the bad hair." Blaine looked around to see the instructor pointing at him, and he groaned. "Yes, you. If you don't want to be here, I'm going to do my best to make sure you don't stick around. No wilting flowers or prima donnas in my classes. You do your job, or you leave, end of story."

Blaine frowned and pulled his sheet music from his bag. "Your e-mail said to prepare something that we related to on a deep and personal level," Blaine muttered. "I think that counts."

Brad looked at the music and gave Blaine a withering look. "If you relate to this song on a deep and personal level, either you're an idiot who doesn't know what it's about, or you're very familiar with the business end of a restraining order."

"Just play it," Blaine said, shaking his head as the music began and he let the song carry him away.

As Blaine sang, he thought about the reason he'd picked it. Not just because it was one of his favorites, but because of the night he knew he'd always think of when he heard it for the rest of his life. He'd sung it that night; sung it to him, and it could never be the same.

Blaine could never be the same.

He'd sung it softly that night. Tried to bring out the sweetness in it, the longing. Tried to use it to show Porcelain how he felt, even in the mess of everything.

Now, he was attacking it like a man possessed, which he kind of guessed he was. He ripped into it, giving it every ounce of everything he had, clamping his eyes shut and blocking the rest of the world out until it was done and he felt everything inside of him collapse.

"That was…interesting," Brad said, once Blaine turned to retrieve his sheet music. "I don't suppose anyone wants to follow that?" he said as Blaine stomped back toward his seat.

"I would," a voice came from the back corner, and Blaine felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. "A cappella, if that's okay."

"Of course," Brad sighed. "Let me guess, Sondheim? You don't want anything to detract from your performance?"

"No," the voice came again. "I changed my mind, and I don't have music for what I'd like to sing."

"Bold move," Brad said, and when he followed it up with "bold moves are often stupid moves," Blaine laughed out loud in spite of himself.

"Fortune favors the bold," the voice answered, "and as much as I love hearing you laugh," it continued in a gentler tone, "I hope that won't be your reaction when I'm done." The chill making Blaine's neck stiff got worse, and he felt his heart thumping as he fought the urge to look up. It wouldn't be. It couldn't be.

But it was.

Porcelain. Not thirty feet away, and singing just as sweetly as ever.

"Oh since the day I saw you, I have been waiting for you," Porcelain sang, blinking as he looked into Blaine's eyes and filling him with every bit of hope and feeling he'd felt like he was missing since he'd arrived in New York. As Porcelain rode out the end of the song with a series of improvised vocalizations, he began walking toward Blaine, stopping just as he came close enough to drop into his lap.

"Hi," Blaine said, still not sure he was willing to let himself believe what was happening. "You're here."

"So are you," Porcelain said, smiling down at him. "Looks like you were right."

"About?" Blaine asked.

"About that not being the last time we'd see each other," Porcelain said, tracing a finger down the side of Blaine's face.

"I think it's safe to say this is already shaping up to be the worst semester this class has ever seen," Brad said. "And believe me, that's saying a lot. I'm sure this is very touching and important for the two of you, but may I remind you this is an institute of learning and not a lonely hearts club? What's next? Parade float? Balloon drop? Closing montage?"

"No," Porcelain said, eyes still locked on Blaine's. "Just this." He bent down and pressed their lips together, warmth spreading through Blaine's body with the realization that this was real, wasn't a dream, and was everything he could possibly want.


Kurt grinned as he pulled away from the kiss, butterflies dancing in his stomach with excitement at the fact that this time, there was no one keeping watch to tell them what they could do or when they had to stop or-

"Are you quite finished?" Brad asked, his annoyance tangible in the air.

"No," Kurt said, climbing off of Velvet and taking him by the hand. "I'd say this is only the beginning."

Kurt tugged at Velvet's hand as they raced out of the room, school bags slung over their shoulders and the rest of the class gawking behind them. "Oh my god," he said, suddenly coming to a halt and causing Velvet to almost fall into him. "I just realized I still don't know your name."

"Hi," Velvet said, taking his hand away, only to offer it again. "I'm Blaine."

"Blaine," Kurt said, testing the feel of it on his tongue and deciding he wanted it to stay there for a very long time. "Kurt."

"Kurt," Blaine said, smiling brightly as he took Kurt's other hand and laced their fingers together. "Look, I want you to know…" He paused, clearly mulling over what he wanted to say. "I really enjoyed that night, but I want you to know I care about more than that. I really want to get to know you." He looked down at their hands and gave Kurt's a squeeze. "There's so much we don't know about each other."

"I know," Kurt said, dropping one of Blaine's hands and urging him forward. "Lucky for us, we have all the time in the world to change that."

Blaine fell into step beside him and off they ran, hand in hand, not knowing anything about where they were headed except that wherever it was, they were going there together.



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