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July 21st, 2012

Lipstick Traces, Pt. 3 (RPF AU)

Author: Odd
Title: Lipstick Traces, Pt. 3 (RPF)
Rating: NC-17, if you squint and not in the way you might want
Word Count: 6,000
Summary: Out of work actor and struggling musician Darren Criss believes in a lot of things, but in love more than anything else. How can he not, in a world where everyone's got the name of their one true love emblazoned on their skin? At least, that's what he thought before he met Christopher – AKA reluctant drag queen Izzy Fuhreel - who won't let anyone read his lips. For this prompt on the kink meme. Involves Darren/OFC and mentions of Chris/OMC. (Seriously - pay attention to that part about Darren/OFC.)
Notes: A shorter roundup this week, primarily because I originally planned for where this ends to come a bit further down the line. Trust me – there's still a lot to come. Big thanks to Stutter and Sam for helping me through some of this, plus switch842 for one moment, in particular. <3

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