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Complete Fanfic Masterpost

This is absolutely everything I've written in this fandom, minus a few drabbles I wrote directly into Tumblr and didn't save anywhere else. No matter what I think about it or how embarrassed I am for having written it, it's all here. Woo?

I'll be anchoring this at the top of my journal, and updating whenever something new is posted.

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This journal is now an archive, and no new postings will be made. Messages will still be received/answered, but that is all.

Thank you for the good times, and all the help you've been through the bad.

Best and love,


As If! (RPF)

Title:As If!
Co-written with Pureklaination, and can also be found on AO3 here.
Wordcount: ,000
Summary: Darren likes 90's chick flicks.  Chris likes Paul Rudd.
Notes: ritten with my good friend, Cass (aka Pureklaination on Tumblr).  Part of what we've decided to call the 'Weekends' 'verse, should we get the chance to do this again.  (Being on opposite sides of the planet is tough.)

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Don't You Fret (And Don't You Pout)

Title: Don't You Fret (And Don't You Pout)
Author: Odd
Word Count: 2,700
Rating: PG
Summary: Kurt is sick and has no patience for a persistent Santa. 
Notes: know it's a bit late, but here - have some holiday cheer!  Written fo this prompt.

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Title: Treats 
Word Count: 1,000
Summary Kurt and Blaine go stalking trick or treating. 
Notes It's Klaine, but it's also RPF.  Just go with it.  It makes sense, I promise. From a conversation with sillygleekt.  She knows what she did.  ;)

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Honeymooners (RPF)

Rating:PG-13, for innuendo
Summary They just need a place to stay the night.  
Notes:From the prompt CrissColfer, pretending to be married.

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Random Acts of Ass (RPF)

Author: Odd
Title: Random Acts of Ass
Wordcount: 3,100
Summary: This is what happens when Darren takes the invitation to a "Come As You Are" party a little too literally.
Notes: Unrated because I don't even know what the hell you'd rate this.  I usually go by what I think a movie would be if I were watching it as I see it in my head, but this pushes what I'd consider my R limit in terms of visual content, but doesn't really have the action to require an NC-17.   I was talking to a friend about inappropriate nudity earlier and well...this is the result.  Mostly gen, but has its moments.


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Title: Twenty-One
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1,800
Spoilers: A somewhat distant one, and only if you believe Ryan Murphy's twitter account.
Summary: It comes when Kurt least expects it.
Notes: Just a little thing I banged out half because I remember someone making a post a couple of months ago about how they saw the eventual engagement going down, half-because I'm having a stupid number of feels about a particular musical.

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Donate My Ass To Science (RPF)

Title: Donate My Ass To Science (RPF)
Rating: R, for language and mentions of past kinkiness
Wordcount: 1,800
Summary: Darren is sick.  It's a good thing Chris is there to look out for him.
Notes: Written to cheer up my friend Cass when she was sick.  Completely on the fly and un-betad, because that's how the short things usually roll.  

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Like A Toaster - The Masterpost

Author: Odd
Title: Like A Toaster
Rating: R
Word Count: 123,300 (complete)
Warnings: Language, homophobia, underage drinking, some sexual content, and (more than anything else) fucking around with canon like it's going out of style.
Summary: It's 1995, and Kurt Hummel doesn't know what he wants except to get the hell out of Ohio - preferably with his best friend, Tina by his side. When Miss Pillsbury and his father tell him he needs a better plan, he finds himself surrounded by the very people he's been trying so hard to avoid. People like Rachel Berry and Will Schuester - the obnoxious lead soloists of the school's glee club. And what about Free Beer? (No matter what they say, Kurt's not convinced anyone really wants Free Beer.) Even worse, he's stuck spending every Friday night doing volunteer work with what has got to be the single most earnest kid in all of Ohio. 

Figuring out his future and adjusting to so much change won't be easy, but somehow, he'll find his way.

The Story (by chapter): 
September / October / November / December / January / February / March / April, Pt. I / April, Pt. II / May, Pt. I / May, Pt. II / Summer

Complete PDF:
Mobile / Tablet 

The Music:
Volume 1 (September - November) / Volume 2 (December - February) / Volume 3 (March - May, Pt I) / Volume 4 (May, Pt. II - Summer + Bonus Tracks)

Thanks and love to:

  • rm for serving as my beta.  Her advice and input has been invaluable, and there are some things I don't think I could have done with this if not for her support.
  • livinganexistencecountess7 and honeysuckle-pink for helping me dot my i's and cross my t's.
  • judearaya for frequently being the first person to see each chapter as it came, and being a constant support and cheerleader.
  • switch842 for the amazing banner, which she graciously allowed me to use for the mixtape cover art and adapt for the icons I've used on LJ, as well as a final check on the final chapter's SPAG.
  • everyone who's commented, messaged me, reblogged, or even (maybe especially) those who let me whine and fret.  I love you like Kurt loves Smashing Pumpkins. <3